Upturned Noses: I am a Grammar Snob

I am a grammar snob. There, I said it. Proper grammar is important. I love the Oxford comma. I am an Oxford comma advocate. It hurts my soul to witness the abuse of a comma, an apostrophe, or see an intelligent sentence demolished by incorrect modifiers, adverbs, or verb use. My God, above all, I have to hand my biggest grammar-related pet peeve to LIE, AND LAY. LAY REQUIRES A DIRECT OBJECT, EVERYONE. I will lay this out on the table for you– you lie down to take a nap. Repeat after me: lie, lay, or lain is what you do, did, or have done. Lay, laid, or laid, is what you place, placed, or have placed. Oh… Wait, here’s another good one– not only… but also. Not only did I declare myself as a grammar snob, but I also made this e-card to go with it:

So, folks, my message to you, use proper grammar to make the world a better place.


Upturned Noses

7 thoughts on “Upturned Noses: I am a Grammar Snob

  1. Oh yes! Me too! Don’t you just love “Go lay down!” Really? You want me to lay some down? Well, if I were a chicken or a duck, or maybe a goose. . . .

    Or how about less vs. fewer? “You deal with a lot less people.” No. Fewer people. Less sugar. Fewer is for things you can count as individuals. Less is for things you COULD count, but no one is going to count individual grains of sand, salt, or sugar unless they are totally OCD. Fewer cars. Less snow. Fewer guests. Less alcohol.

    Anyway, end of rant. I already did my post. It’s nice to meet another grammar nazi. πŸ™‚

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  2. AS i just said elsewhere, I’m the first to admit that I can get punctuation totally wrong, but spell a word wrong, use it wrongly, or use text speak and my inner snob comes out fighting πŸ˜€

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  3. not only was ‘lie, lay, or lain’ and ‘lay, laid, or laid’ unfamiliar to me but i also thought it is ‘lie, lied, lied’. πŸ™‚ silly me! πŸ™‚


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